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Redispersible polymer powders made by core-shell polymers having an alkali-soluble emulsion polymer shell and an aqueous-insoluble emulsion polymer core wherein the core and the shell polymers are chemically grafted by utilizing a polyfunctional compound are described. The core-shell polymers are pr ...

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Provided are improved coatings, polymeric dispersions, and polymeric composites, which include PNPs. Also provided are methods for forming improved coatings, polymeric dispersions, and polymeric composites, which include PNPs. The PNPs have polymerized units of at least one multi-ethylenically-unsat ...

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Multi-stage polymer process and composition having an alkali-insoluble emulsion polymer and an alkali-soluble polymer are produced by a two-stage sequential emulsion polymerization process. When the multi-stage polymers of this invention are utilized as cement modifiers, improvements in cement morta ...

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A process for preparing large dimension emulsion polymer particles and the polymer products of the process are disclosed. In one embodiment, the invention provides particles having a high aspect ratio, having a shape described by a long axis and an intersecting short axis. These particles range in s ...

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A method for improved polymer powder stability is provided, particularly spray-dried emulsion polymers, by spray-drying emulsion polymers with selected low HLB surfactants. Stable spray-dried emulsion polymers are particularly useful as cement modifiers.

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An aqueous leather coating composition containing a multi-stage emulsion polymer having a stage of Tg20 DEG C which has been prepared in the presence of 1% to 15% by weight based on the weight of that stage of chain transfer agent is provided. Also, provided is a method for coating leather with the ...

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A composition comprises a solution of film forming polymer, containing reactive functionality, dissolved in organic solvent and insoluble reinforcing particles dispersed therein. The reinforcing particles, being formed in the presence of the film forming polymer, are the reaction product of a system ...

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Aqueous emulsions of grafted polymer compositions are provided. The grafted component of these compositions has two or more polymeric substituents. The aqueous emulsions of grafted polymer compositions are particularly useful as cement modifiers.

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The present invention provides aqueous matte coating compositions comprising a binder component B) and a polymeric duller component A) composed of particles of one or more multi-stage copolymer or single stage crosslinked (co)polymer, e.g. crosslinked t-butyl (meth)acrylate, the duller component par ...

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Polymer emulsions and polymers therefrom are provided. The polymer emulsions are suitable for spray-drying to form spray-dried polymers. These spray-dried polymers are readily redispersible in water.