Chin T Lin: Honeycomb grassplanting unit. McCubbrey Bartels & Ward, April 18, 1995: US05406745 (39 worldwide citation)

A honeycomb grass planting unit includes a hexagonal body with six peripheral walls extending vertically and including a plurality of soilpots and a central fence therein. The soilpots are interconnected by plates to reinforce the structure. Holes are formed in the soilpots and the fence through whi ...

Chin T Lin: Walking exerciser. Hua Yeong Enterprise, Alfred Lei, December 17, 1996: US05584780 (29 worldwide citation)

A walking exerciser including a folding collapsible base frame, two pedal frame bars having a respective pivot turned in a respective pivot hole on the base frame for pedaling by the user, two damping plates respectively mounted around the pivots and connected between pedal frame bars and the base f ...

Chin T Lin: Soil guard wall assembly. November 28, 1995: US05469655 (7 worldwide citation)

A soil guard wall assembly includes a plurality of elongated soil guard wall modules each of which has a hexagonal configuration in section and is coupled together with each other so as to form the soil guard wall assembly with a honeycomb shape.