Wen Yu Tiao, Chin Sheng Tiao: Methods for the manufacture of energy-attenuating polyurethanes. Polymer Dynamics Technology, Richard O Church, December 25, 1990: US04980386 (20 worldwide citation)

A method for the manufacture of shock attenuating, low rebound polyurethanes in which polyols are reacted with polyisocyanates having a functionality of at least 2.3 at an isocyanate index of from about 65 to about 90.

Chin Sheng Tiao, Wen Yu Tiao: Heat stable polyurethane foams. Polymer Dynamics Technology, David M McConoughey, March 3, 1992: US05093379 (6 worldwide citation)

Low density polyurethane foams having improved resistance to degradation of properties of compression set and flexibility when exposed to elevated temperatures and pressures are made by reacting a polyisocyanate of about 2.3 to 2.7 functionality at an isocyanate index of about 1.0 with a blend of po ...