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An LED luminary system for providing power to LED light sources to generate a desired light color comprises a power supply stage configured to provide a DC current signal. A light mixing circuit is coupled to said power supply stage and includes a plurality of LED light sources with red, green and b ...

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The combined light output (chromaticity) of a white light emitting LED luminaire is electronically controlled based on measurements by a single photodiode arranged to measure the light outputs of at least a plurality of the LEDs in the array. This is accomplished by measuring the light output of the ...

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An I/O interface circuit includes an output buffer circuit and an input buffer circuit. The output buffer circuit can receive a first stream of data elements for output from the semiconductor chip, add a separate reference element for each data element in the first stream, and generate a first data ...

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A white light-emitting-diode array driver circuit with a multiple output flyback (or forward) converter with output current mode control. The circuit comprises a power supply source and a transformer. The transformer has a primary winding coupled to, and configured to receive current from, the power ...

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Apparatus and method for backlighting an electronic display with LEDs to control luminosity, radiometric power, and color levels by means of feedback control through a microprocessor, thereby maintaining white backlight at substantially constant levels, which can be chosen by an operator.

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A device for controlling and adjusting a display light for a retail display system comprising a computer associated with plural light sources for adjusting the light sources to optimally display particular products. The light sources are adjusted based upon a prestored table specifying optimal light ...

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The present invention is directed to a control system for generating a desired light color by a plurality of Red, Green and Blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) comprised of a sensor responsive to a light color generated by the plurality of LEDs to measure the color coordinates of the generated light w ...

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An autonomous solid state lighting system has a charge mode which collects energy and produces electric power with a solid state energy source, converts the voltage of the electric power using a bi-directional power converter, and stores the power in an energy storage device. A discharge mode draws ...

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An integrated LED driving device for multiple LED strings which employs a single linear regulator or other controller and a multiple-output current mirror which is almost independent of the DC input voltage source, almost independent of the transistor's or MOSFET's variations from the semi ...

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A capacitor structure includes a first conductive layer, a first insulating layer disposed on a substrate in sequence, a second conductive layer disposed on portions of the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer disposed on the second conductive layer and the first insulating layer, a thi ...