William J Cote, John E Cronin, William R Hill, Cheryl A Hoffman: Endpoint detection apparatus and method for chemical/mechanical polishing. International Business Machines Corporation, William D Sabo, May 3, 1994: US05308438 (128 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for determining a selected endpoint in the polishing of layers on a workpiece in a chemical/mechanical polishing apparatus where the workpiece is rotated by a motor against a polishing pad. When a difficult to polish layer, i.e., one requiring a chemical change in a surface s ...

Cheryl A Hoffman, Mark A Lavin, William Leipold, Kathleen McGroddy, Daniel J Nickel: Method and system using the design pattern of IC chips in the processing thereof. International Business Machines Corporation, Heslin & Rothenberg P C, September 3, 1996: US05552996 (24 worldwide citation)

The techniques of the present invention facilitate the control of an IC chip fabrication level of a fabrication process based upon the design pattern of the IC chip being fabricated. A grid having multiple sections is imposed over the design pattern of a fabrication level of the IC chip. Then, patte ...

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