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Second-order nonlinear optical (NLO) polyene-based chromophores sterically stabilized with a dioxine ring and NLO chromophores containing bithiophene derivatives, and devices incorporating the same, are disclosed. An exemplary preferred chromophore includes an aminophenyl electron donor group and a ...

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Methods and apparatus for detecting variations in electromagnetic fields, in particular, terahertz (THz) electromagnetic fields, are provided. The methods and apparatus employ polarization detection devices and controllers to maintain or vary the polarization of modulated signals as desired. The met ...

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The present invention is directed to novel substituted pyrroline compounds useful as kinase or dual-kinase inhibitors, methods for producing such compounds and methods for treating or ameliorating a kinase or dual-kinase mediated disorder.

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A method for detecting specific associations between a tethered molecule and an untethered target molecule. The method comprises (1) selecting a tethered molecule; (2) alternately impinging THz radiation onto the tethered molecule and onto a sample including the tethered and untethered target molecu ...

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An electrical connector (10) includes plural pairs of mating terminals (24), plural pairs of foot terminals (26), and a number of circuit board component units. The circuit board component unit includes an upper inner circuit board (141), a lower inner circuit board (142), and a number of electronic ...

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An electrical connector includes a port (102, 103) for insertion of a mating connector along an insertion direction, a mating module (50) having a set of contacts (540, 542) received in the port, a transferring module (53) located behind the mating module and having a number of conductive components ...