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Metal-containing colloids are manufactured by reacting a plurality of metal ions and a plurality of organic agent molecules to form metal complexes in a mixture having a pH greater than about 4.25. The metal complexes are reduced for at least 0.5 hour to form stable colloidal nanoparticles. The exte ...

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A battery management circuit provides an implantable medical device with power management that allows safe and efficient use of a rechargeable battery. Various ways of monitoring the energy level of the rechargeable battery and controlling the battery recharging process for user convenience and safe ...

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A modular jack (100) is adapted to be mounted onto a horizontal mother printed circuit board (PCB). The modular jack comprises a housing (200) defining an upper row of ports and a lower row of ports vertically stacked in columns, a number of vertical PCBs (46, 47) extending along a front-to-rear dir ...

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This invention is directed to macroheterocyclic compounds useful as kinase or dual-kinase inhibitors, methods for producing such compounds and methods for treating or ameliorating a kinase or dual-kinase mediated disorder.

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A non-contact method for determining the index of refraction or dielectric constant of a thin film on a substrate at a desired frequency in the GHz to THz range having a corresponding wavelength larger than the thickness of the thin film (which may be only a few microns). The method comprises imping ...

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