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The invention is directed to novel indazole peptidomimetic compounds which are useful as thrombin receptor antagonists for the treatment of diseases associated with thrombosis, restenosis, hypertension, heart failure, arrhythmia, inflammation, angina, stroke, atherosclerosis, ischemic conditions, An ...

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The present invention is directed to novel substituted pyrroline compounds useful as kinase inhibitors and methods for treating or ameliorating a kinase mediated disorder.



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An implantable medical device is adapted for implantation into body tissue. The implantable medical device comprises a housing and a header coupled to the housing. A cavity is located in the header. An ultrasonic transducer adapted to transmit acoustic waves at a communication frequency is located i ...

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The present invention is directed to novel indazolyl-substituted pyrroline compounds of Formula (I): useful as kinase or dual-kinase inhibitors, methods for producing such compounds and methods for treating or ameliorating a kinase or dual-kinase mediated disorder.

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A microscope for producing an image of a target using THz radiation. The microscope comprises a source for providing an optical pump pulse and an optical probe pulse; a THz emitter for activation by pump pulse to emit a THz pulse that irradiates the target to form a target-modified THz pulse; a THz ...

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A modular jack (100) comprising a housing (200) defining an upper port and a lower port vertically stacked under the upper port, and a contact module (400) assembled to the housing. The contact modules each comprises a first vertical PCB (46) and a second vertical PCB (47) extending along a front-to ...

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Carbon nanostructures are formed from a carbon precursor and catalytic templating nanoparticles. Methods for manufacturing carbon nanostructures generally include (1) forming a precursor mixture that includes a carbon precursor and a plurality of catalytic templating particles, (2) carbonizing the p ...

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Methods for manufacturing carbon nanostructures include: 1) forming a plurality of catalytic templating particles using a plurality of dispersing agent molecules; 2) forming an intermediate carbon nanostructure by polymerizing a carbon precursor in the presence of the plurality of templating nanopar ...