Chen Qun: Encapsidation system for production of recombinant virus-like particles. Chen Qun, LEKUTIS Christine A, December 21, 2006: WO/2006/135413 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for manufacturing virus-like particles (VLPs), suitable for use as immunogens and as research tools. The VLPs of the present invention provide a safe alternative to the use of pathogenic viruses for clinical and laboratory applications.


Ives John R, Pascual Leone Alvaro, Chen Qun: Method and apparatus for monitoring a magnetic resonance image during transcranial magnetic stimulation. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MORRIS James H, December 16, 1999: WO/1999/064884 (1 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for monitoring a magnetic resonance image of a patient during administration of transcranial magnetic stimulation. The method includes the steps of applying transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to a patient using a probe that is substantially constructed of non-ferromagneti ...

Perng Tsong P, Ma Bao Min, Landi James, Chen Qun: Ab5-type rare earth transition intermetallic compounds for the negative electrodes of rechargeable batteries. Santoku, January 23, 2002: EP1173627-A1

Manganese-free rare earth-transition metal AB5-type hydrogen-absorbing alloys having favorable high rate discharge characteristics, suitable for use in rechargeable batteries for electrical vehicles or hybrid electrical vehicles, include compositions of the general formula: R(CouAlvMwNil-u-v-w)z, wh ...

Chang Wen Cheng, Ma Bao Min, Chen Qun, Bounds Charles O: High performance iron-rare earth-boron-refractory-cobalt magnetic materials. Santoku America, June 13, 2001: EP1105889-A1

Magnetic nanocomposite materials including iron, rare earth elements, boron, refractory metals and cobalt which have favorable magnetic properties and are suitable for making bonded magnets are disclosed. Compositions of the present invention can be of the formula: (Nd1-yLay)vFe100-v-w-x-zCowMzBx, w ...

Zhang Yutong, Wang Jianheng, Chen Qun: Bears ball tea and its preparation method. Hetai Dianbao Distillery Pingbian, zhuyu dan, August 1, 2007: CN200610011082

Bear gall tea is prepared by the following raw material (wt.%): fresh bear bile 5-6, tea 20-30, chrysanthemi flos 40-50, licorice root 10-15, sanchi flower 10-15, peppermint 3-5, borneo camphor 0.03-0.08. the bear gall tea is prepared by the steps of: pulverizing tea, chrysanthemi flos and licorice ...

Zhang Shumin, Jin Xin, Li Na, Zhao Xiaodong, Chen Qun: Method for breed porker by using changbai mountain wild boar as male parent and songliao black pig as female parent. Jilin Provincial Caas, chen hongwei, December 6, 2006: CN200610016973

A method for culturing the hybrid meat pig includes such steps as hybridizing between the Changbai mountain wild boar as male parent and Songliao black pig as female pig, selectively culturing the hybrid descendant to obtain Changbai mountain black pig, and transverse hybridizing between said Changb ...

Fu Hanguang, Xing Jiandong, Chen Qun, Jiang Zhiqiang: Short technological process of preparing metal grains. Xi An Jiaotong Univ, li zhengjian, October 18, 2006: CN200610042779

The short technological process of preparing metal grains includes the first preheating treatment of ingot at 100-120 deg.c; smelting ingot at temperature 15-25 deg.c over the melting point of the metal inside one melting furnace, conveying metal liquid via ceramic pipe to a holding furnace, maintai ...


Fang Jingdong, Chen Qun, Chen Cuiying: In-situ analysis method of propylene ammoxidizing product. China Petrochemical, zhang huimeng, June 23, 2004: CN02151182

The present invention is in-site analysis method of propylene ammoxidizing product and aims at providing automatic relatively simple and time-saving in-site analysis method of propylene ammoxidizing product. The technological scheme of the present invention adopts twice direct gas samplings, includi ...

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