Chen Mingzhao, Xu Yingchen, Zhang Jing, Chen Lantian: Carbon femur inlaid with metal endotheca. Chen Mingzhao, yangtian xiu, July 18, 2007: CN200610170805

A carbon-type femur head with inlaid internal metallic sleeve features that an internal metallic sleeve is inlaid in a recess on a carbon-type femur head for matching it with artificial handle and increasing its compression strength.




Chen Lantian, Li Shichang, Liu Peitong: Manufacture of artificial femur head of carbon. Center Hospital, Jilin, yang tianxiu, June 20, 2001: CN99126815

The manufacturing method of carbon artificial head of femur includes the following steps: proportioning materials, mixing and kneading, forming, roasting and soaking, and production process of matrix graphite formed from graphitization, machining process of form of head of femur and silicon-containe ...


Chen Lantian, Zhan Jianghong, Xu Xinliang, He Chunmei, Gong Tao, Chen Guoqiang: Methyl phenyl carbamate content determination method. Petrochina Company, xiexiao yan, August 13, 2008: CN200810101692

The present method relates to a method for determining content of methyl phenyl carbamate. Methyl phenyl carbamate or sample containing methyl phenyl carbamate is reacted with excessive barium hydroxide solution in the presence of catalyzer and zeolite granules in the boiling reflux state for 10-30 ...

Zhan Jianghong, Wang Gongying, Xu Xinliang, Zeng Yi, Xue Yuan, Kang Tao, Gong Tao, Wang Yue, Chen Lantian, Ma Fei, Dong Zhixin, Yao Jie, Chen Guoqiang, Wang Qingyin: Method for synthesizing diphenylurea from urea and aniline. PetroChina, Xie Xiaoyan, April 15, 2009: CN200710175663

The invention relates to a method for directly synthesizing diphenyl urea by using urea and aniline as raw materials which are put into a reaction kettle according to a molar ratio of 1:3-8, then heating up, decompressing and evacuating are carried out to have a reaction; the temperature of the reac ...

Chen Lantian, Gong Tao, Zhan Jianghong, Xu Xinliang, Wei Wei, Zhao Ning: (ethene) Ester by carbamide and propylene(ethylene) glycol. Petrochina, li yumeng, April 26, 2006: CN200510112998

This invention relates to a regenerating method for compounding propylene carbonate catalyst with aquacare and methyl ethylene glycol, which comprises the following steps: a, separating the catalyst with the centrifuge; b, scouring with the organic solvent, filtering and drying; c, baking the dried ...