Chen Jixuan: Helmholtz resonance acoustic board. Chen Jixuan, July 25, 2007: CN200610033013

The present invention relates to a sound-absorbing plate for making indoor sound quality treatment, in the concrete, it discloses a kind of Helmholtz resonance sound-absorbing plate. It is characterized by that it is a rectangular baseplate, on the transverse direction of the described baseplate are ...


Liu Chengde, Chen Jixuan, Liu Ning: Method for preparing thidiazuron as active substance used for plant quality-promoting and yield-increasing product and its application. Xianyang Defeng, January 16, 2008: CN200710018496

The invention relates to a thidiazuron which is taken as an active matter for the preparation method and application of the product of the quality improvement and production increase of the plant; the content of the thidiazuron in weight percentage is from 0.01 percent to 20 percent, or which in wei ...


Li Xufeng, Tong Ling, Pan Jinguo, Chen Mancai, Chen Jixuan: Processing system and method for implementing multiple time zone continuous service. Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China, renmo wen, September 3, 2008: CN200810101674

The invention provides a processor and a method for realizing multi-timezone continuous service, which provides a processor for realizing multi-timezone continuous service to solve the problem that multi-timezone continuous service cannot realize through a financial system offering continuous servic ...





Chen Jixuan: Antistatic sound absorption paper and preparation method thereof. Chen Jixuan, gao zhibei ge qiang, October 24, 2012: CN201210248286

The invention discloses an antistatic sound absorption paper and a preparation method thereof. The antistatic sound absorption paper contains plant fibers, conductive fibers and an antistatic agent. The preparation method of the antistatic sound absorption paper comprises the following steps of: (1) ...