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A hot plug-and-play (PnP) converter of a universal serial bus (USB) interface that converts a non-PnP interface into a hot PnP USB interface. The converter sends the information related to the converter itself to the connected computer system, and sends the information related to the connected perip ...

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A safety seat assembly is assembled with a stroller. The safety seat assembly includes a base member having two ears each formed on one end portion thereof and each having a notch laterally defined therein for receiving a bar of the armrest of the stroller therein. A retaining block is formed on the ...

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A stroller is designed to have a multi-step foldable mechanism which includes a connector having holes for receiving a back support with a long slot, a locking member having a stepped protrusion, a blocker, a tubular projection and a plate, and a receiving member for pivotally receiving the back sup ...

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An automatic or semiautomatic apparatus cuts off the ends of preassembled standard venetian blinds to provide custom-size blinds for windows that are not modern standard sizes. An automated process is used to cut preassembled blinds to provide custom-size blinds for such windows. The apparatus prefe ...

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This invention is discloses a packaged integrated circuit (IC) which includes an IC chip supported and securely attached to an adapter board. The package also includes a chip cap for covering and protecting the IC chip therein. The chip cap further forms a concave, step near a lower edge of the cap ...

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A folding-collapsible double-seat baby stroller includes two front wheel frames, a handle, two stepped top frames and two stepped bottom frames bilaterally horizontally coupled between the front wheel frames and the handle, the top frames and bottom frames each having a higher rear side and a lower ...

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A controlling structure of a stroller enabling a user to release a seat includes a driving block and a driven block respectively engaged with each other through respective teeth integrally formed on a respective upper end face and a respective lower end thereof and a wire having a first end thereof ...

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A frame structure for baby stroller is constructed to include a rear seat frame bar adapted to support a rear seat, a front seat frame adapted to support a front seat, the front seat frame having a curved middle section extended downwards and then backwards below the elevation of the rear seat frame ...

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A method of treating a free radical-related medical condition. The method includes the step of administering to a subject in need of such treatment an effective amount of a compound of the formula

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A stroller with a standing means comprises a handle, a first supporting rod, a second supporting rod pivotally connected with the first supporting rod and having a folding means securely mounted thereon, a guarding rib, a U-shaped rib pivotally connected with the first supporting rod, the second sup ...