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In one example implementation in accordance with the present disclosure, a process is provided. The process includes entering a first mode of operation where a plurality of light sources are permitted to illuminate. The process further includes entering a second mode of operation where the plurality ...

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In one implementation a device connector includes a first electronic device magnet, second electronic device magnet, and third electronic device magnet to connect to a power supply. The power supply magnet can be oriented to the opposite pole of one of the electronic device magnets.

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A switch module includes multiple ports, each port electrically communicating with a port light emitting diode (LED), where each port LED is configured to emit light to indicate power delivery out of the port, and each port LED is configured to emit one of a plurality of light colors to indicate a p ...

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An optical waveguide has a window for receiving optical signals re-directed by a beam splitter and a heating element associated with the window.

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A system includes an external light supply to a silicon photonic chip. The light supply includes a primary light source, a secondary light source, an optical coupler, an optical splitter, and a dark sensor. The optical coupler is to combine any output from the primary light source and any output fro ...

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A master node selects a plurality of slave nodes that share a common slave address to receive a data communication. The master node multicasts the data communication to the plurality of selected slave nodes via an inter-integrated circuit bus having a serial data line and a serial clock line.