Kenneth R Purdy, Charles W Gorton, James A Knight Jr: Thermochemical conversion of biomass to syngas via an entrained pyrolysis/gasification process. Georgia Tech Research Institute, Newton Hopkins & Ormsby, February 5, 1985: US04497637 (86 worldwide citation)

Biomass feedstock raw material is converted to synthesis gas by drying and sizing biomass raw material, pyrolyzing the processed biomass in intimate mixture with inert gases such as combustion products, thereby obtaining a product mixture of char, pyrolysis oil, and pyrolysis gas, and gasifying the ...

James A Knight, Charles W Gorton: Oil production by entrained pyrolysis of biomass and processing of oil and char. Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Hurt Richardson Garner Todd & Cadenhead, January 2, 1990: US04891459 (46 worldwide citation)

Entrained pyrolysis of lignocellulosic material proceeds from a controlled pyrolysis-initiating temperature to completion of an oxygen free environment at atmospheric pressure and controlled residence time to provide a high yield recovery of pyrolysis oil together with char and non-condensable, comb ...

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