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To assess visual system function, a device monitors electrical response to a visual stimulus. Stimulus generation includes controlling the timing of component flashes comprising the visual stimulus and modulating the timing between the visual stimulus and other device operations, including image acq ...

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A device providing an indication of eye disease in a patient comprises a light emitter; an optical assembly arranged so that light emitted from the light emitter reaches an eye of the patient; a camera arranged to image the eye of the patient; and a controller. The controller measures the eye's pupi ...

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An electrochemiluminescence cell comprising an electrode capable of inducing an electrochemiluminescence-active species to electrochemiluminesce. The electrode is preferably made of rhodium, iridium or an alloy of platinum, rhodium or iridium alloyed with an alloy material comprising a transition el ...

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Assay systems and components, and methods of using same. The assay system preferably includes one or more of the following components: i) an apparatus for retaining/positioning an assay plate; ii) a device for detecting proper alignment of an assay plate; iii) an apparatus for training a probe to lo ...