Bob Ware
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A method for starting up a fixed bed propylene hydration reactor containing shape selective metallosilicate catalyst particles for the production of isopropanol and/or diisopropyl ether is disclosed comprising the following sequential steps: contacting a feedstream comprising propane with catalyst p ...

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Monolithic metallic catalyst substrates offering improved heat conductivity are provided from metal powder extrusion batches of copper, tin, zinc, aluminum, iron, silver, nickel, and mixtures and alloys thereof by extrusion through a honeycomb extrusion die followed by drying and firing in a two sta ...

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Olefins undergo conversion in the presence of water and recycled alcohol to a mixture of alcohol and ether which is then subjected to various downstream operations including distillation and extraction or decantation to provide an ether-rich product containing little if any alcohol or water. The for ...

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An improved catalyst system that includes a metal support structure and an anti-corrosive layer on the metal support structure, and has improved resistance to corrosion and other degradation under corrosive environments. Typically, a catalyst supporting layer is applied over the anti-corrosive layer ...

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Light olefin is introduced at multiple points of entry into a conversion unit subdivided into first and second reaction zones. Reaction of olefin with water takes place in the first reaction zone under conditions intended to promote the production of alcohol therein and in the second reaction zone, ...

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This is a process for upgrading a petroleum naphtha fraction. The naphtha is subjected to reforming and the reformate is cascaded to a benzene and toluene synthesis zone over a benzene and toluene synthesis catalyst comprising a molecular sieve of low acid activity. The preferred molecular sieve is ...

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Liquid hydrocarbons such as gas oil feedstocks are hydrotreated by passing feedstreams comprising a hydrogen-containing gas and the liquid hydrocarbons through a catalyst bed comprising honeycomb or similarly structured monolithic hydrotreating catalysts at controlled superficial liquid linear veloc ...

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Structured zeolite coated structures comprising thick porous inorganic zeolite coatings disposed on monolithic support structures, which can be honeycomb shaped, are disclosed. The zeolite coatings have open interconnected pores of controlled pore size and are characterized by improved durability, p ...

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A process for converting propylene to isopropyl alcohol by contacting water with a propylene-containing feed at a mole ratio of water to propylene of at least about 0.5:1 (water:olefin), usually about 1:1-10:1 in the vapor and/or liquid phase under propylene hydration conditions. The hydration is ca ...

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Systems and processes for the hydrotreatment of pyrolysis gasoline comprising reactors, monolithic catalyst beds and hydrogen-containing treatment gases that allow for improved efficiency and productivity over conventional trickle bed processes and systems for such hydrotreatment.