Charles H Anderson: Multiple emitter illuminator engine. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Charles A Brill, Frederick J Telecky Jr, Richard L Donaldson, December 7, 1999: US05997150 (128 worldwide citation)

An optical illumination system (10, 60, 70, 80, 100, 110, 120) producing a light beam (28) having uniform illumination over a rectangular or non-symmetrical area. An array of light emitting elements (24, 102) generate light which is condensed to a single focal point F, such as by an aspheric (42) or ...

Charles H Anderson, Charles K Harris: Container inspection system. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Stanton C Braden, Richard L Donaldson, June 15, 1993: US05220400 (103 worldwide citation)

A single camera container inspection system that views the entire interior surface of a container during one pass, producing a single image of the interior surfaces to detect defects and contaminants in the interior surfaces of the container.

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Apparatus and methods for near real-time stereo vision system for use with a robotic vehicle comprises two cameras mounted on three-axis rotation platforms, image-processing boards, a CPU, and specialized stereo vision algorithms. Bandpass-filtered image pyramids are computed, stereo matching is per ...

Charles H Anderson: DMD modulated continuous wave light source for xerographic printer. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Robert C Klinger, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, December 1, 1998: US05844588 (96 worldwide citation)

An illumination system (10) for exposing a xerographic printing apparatus (12). The system (10) includes a DMD-type imaging spatial light modulator (46), and a DMD-type optical switch (26) for modulating the intensity of the source light (15) irradiating the imaging DMD (46). A single conventional c ...

Charles H Anderson, Curtis R Carlson: Image-data reduction technique. RCA Corporation, Allen LeRoy Limberg, George J Seligsohn, September 8, 1987: US04692806 (84 worldwide citation)

A foveated electronic camera employing a spatial-frequency spectrum analyzer and data-reduction means utilizing movable spatial windows for converting a high-resolution, wide field-of-view image into a group of subspectrum band images ranging in resolution and field of view from a lowest-resolution ...

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An input image is enhanced to include spatial frequency components having frequencies higher than those in an input image. To this end, an edge map is generated from the input image using a high band pass filtering technique. An enhancing map is subsequently generated from the edge map, with the enh ...

David C VanEssen, Charles H Anderson, Heather A Drury: Sure-fit: an automated method for modeling the shape of cerebral cortex and other complex structures using customized filters and transformations. Washington University, Senniger Powers Leavitt & Roedel, July 8, 2003: US06591004 (79 worldwide citation)

A method for reconstructing surfaces and analyzing surface and volume representations of the shape of an object or structure corresponding to image data, in which the structure has been modeled as one or more physically distinct compartments. The characteristics of a compartmental model are specifie ...

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First circuit apparatus, comprising a given number of prior-art image-pyramid stages, together with second circuit apparatus, comprising the same given number of novel motion-vector stages, perform cost-effective hierarchical motion analysis (HMA) in real time, with minimum system processing delay a ...

Charles H Anderson: Filter-subtract-decimate hierarchical pyramid signal analyzing and synthesizing technique. RCA Corporation, Allen LeRoy Limberg, January 5, 1988: US04718104 (70 worldwide citation)

A pyramid frequency analyzing technique is taught in which an input sampled temporal signal is convolved with a spatially localized, gradual rolloff kernel weighting function, which is subtracted from the input signal in each pyramid stage prior to the convolved signal having its sample density deci ...

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Noise reduction is achieved, without the introduction of noticeable artifacts in the displayed image, using (1) a non-ringing, non-aliasing, localized transfer, octave-band spectrum analyzer for separating the video signal representing the image into subspectra signals, (2) separate coring means for ...