Charles G Shepherd, Edward G K Agnew, Michel Silberfeld: Dispenser. Michel Silberfeld, Rogers & Scott, March 27, 1990: US04911327 (89 worldwide citation)

A dispenser for providing scheduled dosages of pills according to a predetermined medication program includes a housing containing a plurality of pill containers from which dosages of pills may be released into a user-accessible pill receiver. The release of pills is controlled such that pills are r ...

Charles G Shepherd: Display panels. J A Wilson Display, Murray Whisenhunt & Ferguson, May 29, 1984: US04450970 (61 worldwide citation)

A display panel for displaying goods in a store is formed by elongate horizontal panel sections of sheet metal secured together in vertically superimposed positions. Each section has an intermediate portion extending from the top of a front wall to the bottom of a rear wall, a first channel formatio ...

Charles G Shepherd: Pneumatic gun. K K M, Rogers & Scott, July 14, 1998: US05778868 (60 worldwide citation)

According to the invention a firing mechanism is provided for use in semi-automatic guns of the type which use compressed gas to fire projectiles from a gun barrel. The mechanism has an inlet valve to receive the gas and an automatic outlet valve connected pneumatically to the inlet valve. A compoun ...

Charles G Shepherd: Barbeque wagon. B D Wait Co, Rogers & Scott, January 12, 1988: US04718399 (52 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an adjustable wagon for supporting a range of sizes of barbeques, the wagon includes a base and first and second end structures for attachment to the base at selected locations to extend upwardly in parallel from the base. The end structures can be spaced selected distances fr ...

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A ground support vehicle has a rear drive track. Cleats extending transversely of the outer surface of the track are outwardly curved to facilitate leaning of the vehicle and its rider as the vehicle travels around a curve. In a preferred embodiment the vehicle includes a ski mounted on front forks ...

Geoffrey S Martin, Charles G Shepherd: Catheter having ganged rotary valves. Med Pro Design, Rogers & Scott, March 21, 1995: US05399172 (37 worldwide citation)

A catheter is provided having a main body defining two lumens and a connection structure at a proximal end of the main body. This structure includes a housing attached directly to the main body and defining a pair of passages connecting one to each of the lumens, and a pair of rotary valves operable ...

Charles G Shepherd, Margaux A Greenhouse: Mineral applicator. Zyton, George A Rolston, November 1, 1988: US04781705 (29 worldwide citation)

A mineral applicator adapted to be worn on the person and having a holder body adapted to be placed against the skin, a retaining device for retaining the holder body on the skin, and a plurality of mineral objects on the holder body for contacting the skin.

Charles G Shepherd: Hockey puck device. Fortron International, Rogers & Scott, May 4, 1993: US05207720 (24 worldwide citation)

A practice ice hockey puck is provided for indicating, in relative terms, the energy of impact when the puck is driven into a solid object. The puck has a cylindrical case extending about a central axis and defining an axially extending well containing a housing which in turn contains an indicator a ...

Charles G Shepherd: Grill lifter. B D Wait Co, November 13, 1984: US04482181 (22 worldwide citation)

A lifter for lifting and manipulating a grill over a heat source such as a barbeque has a hooked portion shaped to pass between adjacent parallel bars of the grill and upon rotating the lifter, to locate under one of the adjacent bars with ends of the hooked portion spaced along this bar. A reaction ...

Charles G Shepherd, Thomas E Squires: Food smoker device. B D Wait Co, Rogers & Scott, September 13, 1988: US04770157 (22 worldwide citation)

A barbeque having, for example, a heat source in the form of a gas burner, is provided with a device which permits smoke flavoring of food cooked on the barbeque. Wood chips are contained in a drawer which is received by a complementary sleeve located between the heat source and a cooking grill of t ...