John E Abele, Charles E Lennox: Expandable tip hemostatic probes and the like. Boston Scientific Corporation, Fish & Richardson, April 14, 1992: US05103804 (364 worldwide citation)

Device and method for treating tissue inside a patient's body, the device including an endoscopically introducible catheter shaft. The endoscope is constructed for insertion into the patient's body, and has a channel passing through it. The channel terminates at an opening in the distal end of the e ...

John E Abele, Charles E Lennox, Paul C Nardella, Sharad H Joshi: Heating catheters. Boston Scientific Corporation, Fish & Richardson, September 29, 1992: US05151100 (304 worldwide citation)

A catheter device and method for heating tissue, the device having a catheter shaft constructed for insertion into a patient's body, and at least one chamber mounted on the catheter shaft. The catheter shaft has at least one lumen for fluid flow through the shaft. The chambers are defined by walls t ...


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