Charles E Enderby: Fiber optic light delivery apparatus and medical instrument utilizing same. Cavitron Corporation, Robert M Skolnik, William R Evans, June 16, 1981: US04273109 (196 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a fiber optic fiber transmission line which transmits light a distance from its source and is terminated, at its light delivery end, by a second fiber optic fiber of a larger diameter than the first fiber. An interlocking connector keeps the first and second fiber in positive contact in ...

Charles E Enderby: Method of observing the aim or effect of a laser beam on a target. Cavitron Corporation, November 10, 1981: US04299229 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of observing the aim or effect of a laser beam on a target which fluoresces upon irradiation with a laser beam uses the laser beam to provide light for observing the target, but shields the observer from the laser beam. The method comprises irradiating with a laser beam a target which fluor ...