Charles A Walton: Exercising system with electronic inertial game playing. November 23, 1999: US05989157 (391 worldwide citation)

An exercise and game playing system combined, forming a method in which the user gets large muscle physical exercise while at the same time is challenged with game play. There is a torso and limb mounted electronic section incorporating accelerometers, strain gauges, and other instruments, and a mic ...

Charles A Walton: Portable radio frequency emitting identifier. Gerald L Moore, May 17, 1983: US04384288 (152 worldwide citation)

An automatic identification system wherein a portable identifier, preferably shaped like a credit card, incorporates an oscillator and encoder so as to generate a programmable pulse position-modulated signal in the radio frequency range for identification of the user. The identifier can be made to g ...

Charles A Walton: Electronic proximity identification system. Gerald L Moore, October 8, 1985: US04546241 (137 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification and recognition system including a portable card having a circuit therein for generating and transmitting and identifying signal comprising predetermined frequency pulses. The card functions in cooperation with a reader which radiates a radio frequency carrier signal rec ...

Charles A Walton: Body motion detecting system with correction for tilt of accelerometers and remote measurement of body position. July 8, 2003: US06590536 (129 worldwide citation)

A body motion detector system which combines body exercise with game playing. The body motions are displayed in various forms of challenging games, causing increased user satisfaction in exercise. Body motion is sensed, in a preferred form, by accelerometer transducers mounted on the body. The accel ...

Charles A Walton: Electronic identification and recognition system with code changeable reactance. Thomas E Schatzel, June 14, 1983: US04388524 (128 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification and recognition system in which the recognition portion includes a voltage controlled oscillator which sweeps over a range of frequencies. The identification portion resonates at certain frequencies determined by a variable reactance in the resonant circuit in the identi ...

Charles A Walton: Electronic identification system with power input-output interlock and increased capabilities. Gerald L Moore, September 25, 1984: US04473825 (114 worldwide citation)

A portable electronic identification system comprised of an identifier preferably of credit card size, and a fixed position reader which couples to it over short distances by space transmitted signals. The identifier card is energized from and the resulting signals are synchronized and detected by t ...

Charles A Walton: Identification system. Gerald L Moore, September 23, 1980: US04223830 (87 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification and recognition system including a portable radio frequency signal generator having a circuit for repeatedly generating and transmitting an identifying signal having predetermined characteristics of frequency and pulse length.

Charles A Walton: Electronic proximity identification system with simplified low power identifier. Gerald L Moore, April 1, 1986: US04580041 (79 worldwide citation)

An identification system comprising a reader (10) including a first signal generator (12) for generating a first signal (F1) which is radiated by an antenna (17). An identifier (11) includes an antenna (20) receiving the first signal for transmission to a signal modulator (32) which operates to modu ...

Charles A Walton: Electronic proximity identification and recognition system with isolated two-way coupling. Thomas E Schatzel, July 15, 1986: US04600829 (77 worldwide citation)

An electronic proximity identification and recognition system. The identification and recognition sections are physically separate from one another, but inductively coupled to one another by two-way coupling. The identification section and recognition section each have a sending and a receiving ante ...

Charles A Walton: Identification system with vector phase angle detection. Thomas E Schatzel, March 31, 1987: US04654658 (66 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification and recognition system which detects vector phase angle changes. The recognition section radiates power to the identification section. The phase angle of the current in the identifier antenna is determined by a clock and memory system which varies the reactance of the id ...