Charles A Brewer: Autoclavable modular cassette and tray for holding dental instruments. Klein & Szekeres, September 25, 1990: US04959199 (118 worldwide citation)

A cassette for dental instruments includes two substantially identical trays with each tray having a hinge to permit removable assembly of the tray to the other tray to form the cassette or enclosure. Each tray has apertures or holes wherethrough liquid cleansing agents can be sprayed into and can b ...

Charles A Brewer: Receptacle for holding dental burrs. Gordon L Peterson, December 22, 1992: US05172810 (101 worldwide citation)

A receptacle for holding dental burrs comprising a container which includes a container body and a cover. The container body provides a compartment having an open end. At least one dental burr holder is provided in the compartment with the dental burr holder having a plurality of bores terminating i ...

Charles A Brewer: Cassette for dental instruments. Gordon L Peterson, December 22, 1992: US05173273 (91 worldwide citation)

A cassette for dental instruments includes a tray having bottom and a plurality of walls extending to a particular plane, the walls defining first and second generally opposing slots. A lid having a generally planar configuration is adapted to mount on the tray with its outer surface disposed in the ...

Charles A Brewer, Richard A Brewer: Surfboard with adjustable fin. Benoit Law Corporation, August 30, 1977: US04044416 (22 worldwide citation)

A fin for a surfboard has a longitudinal fin base. A fin holder in the underside of the surfboard defines an elongate channel extending lengthwise of the surfboard for receiving the fin base for lengthwise adjustment of the fin relative to the surfboard. A clamp is slidable lengthwise in that channe ...

Charles A Brewer Jr: Plaque and calculus remover for tissue integrated dental prosthesis. Klein & Szekeres, January 3, 1989: US04795344 (19 worldwide citation)

A cleaning instrument for removing plaque and calculus deposits from the titanium anchor cylinders of tissue integrated dental prostheses is disclosed. The instrument, molded from hard plastic, such as polypropylene or glass reinforced nylon, has an elongated handle and a substantially crescent-shap ...