Cekada Jr Joseph: Aqueous siloxane bag lubricant for tire molding. January 30, 1973: US3713851 (26 worldwide citation)

A composition useful as a bag lubricant in tire manufacturing is disclosed which composition consists essentially of (A) 1 to 20 percent by weight of an alkylmethyl-siloxane fluid having from one to 20 carbon atoms in the alkyl group and at least 1000 cs. viscosity at 25.degree. C., (B) 2 to 20 perc ...

Cekada Jr Joseph, Reinink Edwin E: Method for releasing polyurethane foam from a mold. Dow Corning Corporation, November 30, 1971: US3624190 (21 worldwide citation)

The deposition of a diorganopolysiloxane in liquid form on the surface of a mold is used in making polyurethane foam articles. The diorganopolysiloxane is a release agent for polyurethane foam when applied on a mold surface which has been treated with a conventional release agent. The steps of the m ...

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