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This invention relates to a solar radiation reflector which can be fabricated from readily available, relatively low-cost materials with a minimum of effort and materials. The reflector consists essentially of a laminate of (A) at least one reflective metal foil layer possessing a weather-resistant ...

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A solar energy collector is made up of a first flat flexible sheet preferably of silicone, and a first sinuous sheet also preferably of silicone, sealingly adhered to the first sheet along a plurality of spaced parallel lines to provide a series of substantially parallel ducts which carry a liquid h ...

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Silicon semiconductor device array, e.g. solar cell device or array of devices; formed from bulk silicon deposited in the form of columnar crystallites bounded by substantially vertical grain boundaries. Junctions are formed across crystallites and along grain boundaries. The grain boundaries are ma ...

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There is described a solar still comprising a pair of juxtaposed corrugated sheets which in a preferred embodiment are positioned at an angle to one another whereby the upper sheet rests on the raised portions of the lower sheet. A thermally insulating, solar energy transmitting window overlies the ...