Zeppezauer Michael Prof Dr, Schoenberger Arno Dr, Cebecauer Ladislav Dr: Peptides for the preparation of means for diagnosis and therapy of systemic lupus.. Symbiotec, March 24, 1993: EP0532979-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

Peptides having antigenic or immunogenic determinants are proposed which are recognised by autoantibodies, in particular in body fluids of patients who suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The two peptides are preferably the C-terminus of H1 containing the sequence section 187 - 211 and t ...

Zeppezauer Michael, Schoenberger Arno Dr, Cebecauer Ladislav Dr: Peptide for production of diagnostic and therapeutic agent of systemic erythematodes. Symbiotec G Zur Forsch &Amp Entwickl Auf Dem Gebiet Der Biotechnol Mbh, October 19, 1993: JP1993-271281

PURPOSE: To provide a peptide capable of executing the diagnosis of a systemic erythematodes (SLE) with a high degree of exactness and producing a therapeutic agent for SLE. CONSTITUTION: This peptide has an antigen or immunogen determinant by an autoantibody in the body fluid of a systemic erythema ...

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