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A roll protective structure is provided in which a roof panel and floor panel are detachably mounted thereto. The mounting means are such that structural rigidity is maintained while insuring that there is no metal-to-metal contact between the respective panels and cab structure. The respective pane ...

Carroll R Cole, Richard E Guhl, Lloyd E Terry: Framework for a wheeled self-propelled truck. Caterpillar Tractor Co, Oscar G Pence, August 31, 1976: US03977489 (18 worldwide citation)

A framework is provided for a relatively large off-highway truck which has front wheels supported by independent suspension struts positioned on opposite sides of the engine. The framework includes a pair of longitudinally disposed, laterally spaced main side rails and a superstructure which provide ...

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The motor grader drawbar assembly has a blade mounted on a circle gear and a drive unit operatively connected to the circle gear to selectively rotate it and the blade. A plurality of radially mounted pistons operate against an upright wall of the circle gear to provide a brake and/or locking mechan ...

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A motor grader circle drive has an internal spur gear secured to the circle, and the internal gear is driven by one or two barrel worm gears, each of which in turn is driven from a hydraulic motor by an input worm and an input spiral gear keyed to the barrel worm gear, each barrel worm gear is journ ...

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A motor grader including a main frame mounted on steerable wheels, a drawbar frame mounted on the main frame, a working implement carried by a circle gear rotatably mounted on the drawbar frame and a hydraulic control circuit is described. An improvement in the control of the working implement is di ...

Carroll R Cole: Radar antenna unit having a plurality of heat dissipating fins forming on the exterior of a cone shaped chamber. Wood Phillips VanSanten Clark & Mortimer, September 19, 1995: US05451970 (4 worldwide citation)

Heat dissipation problems in a sealed radar antenna unit are avoided in a construction including a generally cylindrical body (10) of metal having opposed ends (12, 14) and an interior, cone shaped chamber (16). The cone shaped chamber (16) has a wide opening (18) at the end (12) at a narrow opening ...

Carroll R Cole: Velocity detecting system. Wood Phillips VanSanten Clark & Mortimer, January 28, 1997: US05598171 (3 worldwide citation)

A velocity detecting radar unit that is easy to operate and to view so as to minimize distraction to the operator, particularly when in use in a moving vehicles includes a spotlight unit having a housing with a lens, a light source within the housing and a control wand pivotally mounting the housing ...

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The invention comprises a transmission control console attachable to a vehicle. The console includes an enclosure with a gear shift regulator extending therefrom, the regulator serving to control the transmission of the vehicle. Generally, the regulator will have forward, reverse, and neutral settin ...

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A scraper has a frame with first and second spaced apart side elements, a bowl, and an ejector system. The ejector system is connected to the bowl and is movable, relative to the bowl, for receiving or removing material into and from the bowl.

Carroll R Cole: Hitch of a work vehicle for suppressing pitch. Caterpillar Tractor Co, John L James, February 20, 1979: US04140329

A hitch of a work vehicle having first and second vehicle portions has a first hitch apparatus for horizontally pivotally connecting the vehicle portions and a second apparatus with biasing for vertically, pivotally connecting the vehicle portions and suppressing vertical movement of one portion rel ...