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Disclosed is a tool which is designed to grasp an internally threaded tubular insert and to either install or to withdraw the insert from an object having both a surrounding interference fit with the insert and having a threaded mating at the remote end of the tube insert. The tool comprises a tubul ...

Schurter Gary Lee, DeLuca Carlo Bruno: Electrical connection for high voltage electrical systems. International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, Raden James B, Chaban Marvin M, May 28, 1974: US3813639 (11 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a non-vented electrical connector designed to mate with a connection to a transformer or the like in a primary power distribution system. The connector will mate with and make electrical connection with a load break terminator as used in such systems, so that an electrical circuit carry ...

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A terminator is equipped with a ring whereby it may be pulled off a contact such as the electrode of a transformer. The ring is pivoted to a metal bracket extending outside the terminator from a capacitor plate embedded within the body of the terminator in closely spaced relation to a current carryi ...

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The echo canceller for bidirectional digital transmission systems cancels the echo queues of a desired number N of digital symbols, transmitted on the line in the last N signalling periods. It consists of a part which effects very simply the summation of the last N transmitted symbols, so as to ease ...

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A testing device for switching a pair of electrical contacts to draw an arc at a precisely controlled phase angle and for a precisely controlled time interval across a high voltage AC source. A phase sensor detects a selected phase angle of the source and starts a time delay circuit which measures a ...


CHIARELLA CARLO BRUNO: [en] A hand tool with a cutter and a scorer. CHIARELLA CARLO BRUNO, October 13, 2010: GB2469330-A

[en] A hand tool 10 suitable for cutting rigid sheet material such as plasterboard comprises a first end having a scorer 30 and a second end having a first cutter 40. The scorer comprises a perforating wheel 32 with a plurality of projections 38 around its circumference, its axial width preferably b ...

Mogavero Carlo Bruno, Gagliardi Fabrizio, Tofanelli Adler: Circuit numerique pouvant extraire des signaux de synchronisation dun flux de donnees codees, Digital circuit extracting synchronism signals from a serial flow of coded data. Sip Societa Italiana Per L Esercizio Telefonico Pa, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, December 18, 1990: CA1278049

ABSTRACT A digital circuit is used to extract synchronizationsignals from a serial flow of coded data, by a routinewhich uses a phase locked loop, different types of leveltransitions of the received signal being separately exam-ined for the presence of phase differences compared tospecific reference ...

Chiarella Carlo Bruno: Hand tool. Chiarella Carlo Bruno, Johnstone Helen, October 14, 2010: WO/2010/116154

A hand tool, comprising a scorer and a first cutter.