Carlisle Richard S: Plastic-film containers with self-sealing orifices. June 11, 1974: US3815794 (48 worldwide citation)

The disclosed containers are formed of supple plastic films fused together face-to-face along continuous seams that converge in the fluid-discharge direction to form a spout. When part of the spout is distended by fluid contents, a seal forms between the films. Squeezing the container develops inter ...

Carlisle Richard S: Flexible container with arcuate self-sealable spout. American Can Company, Auber Robert P, Dorman Ira S, Ziehmer George P, April 22, 1975: US3878977 (30 worldwide citation)

A fluid-dispensing container is provided which consists of a pair of relatively supple films joined in a face-to-face relationship by a peripheral seam. The seam defines a body and a generally arcuately-extending spout, the latter at least in part being delineated by correspondingly-curved seam elem ...

Carlisle Richard S: Precise depth cutter. June 20, 1972: US3670733 (15 worldwide citation)

A flat member is incised at an angle of approximately 45.degree. to a straight section of its perimeter, and a narrow portion of the body adjacent to the 45.degree. angle is folded approximately 90.degree. to form a guide. The remaining downwardly extending portion on the other side of the incision ...

Carlisle Richard S: Highly absorbent pressure dressing for wounds. July 23, 1974: US3824996 (10 worldwide citation)

A non- woven dressing is provided for human (or animal) body lesions which has a high rate of absorbency irrespective of gravity for water and blood, is non-compressible relative to prior art dressings to the extent that pressure generated by strips of retaining material is effectively transmitted t ...