Carl P Pearson, David W Hood: Video sports game system using trading cards. Hero, Jensen & Puntigam, May 2, 1995: US05411259 (130 worldwide citation)

The system includes a control system (12) which carries out the performance of a video sports game, such as a baseball game, and controls the display on a video monitor (14). Input information concerning the performance of players in the game is supplied via trading card elements (20--20), each of t ...

Carl P Pearson: Video game system using trading cards. Jensen & Puntigam P S, January 1, 2008: US07314407 (68 worldwide citation)

The trading card/video game system includes a conventional video game control system for a selected video game involving a number of different characters. The video game control system controls a monitor/screen for displaying the playing of the game. Trading cards are selected by the individual play ...

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