Patrenahalli M Narendra, Karl M Fant, Carl P Graf: Human engineered remote driving system. Honeywell, C Lamont Whitham, Michael E Whitham, W Boswell Childs, August 8, 1989: US04855822 (196 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for driving a vehicle from a remote control station achieving tele-operation of the vehicle. A television sensor mounted on the vehicle provides video image information which is reduced in bandwidth by a factor of approximately 1000:1 for transmission by narrow ban ...

Carl P Graf, Kim M Fairchild, Karl M Fant, George W Rusler, Michael O Schroeder: Computer generated synthesized imagery. Honeywell, Charles G Mersereau, Wayne B Easton, February 24, 1987: US04645459 (153 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a computer controlled imaging system involving a digital image processing and display system which has the ability to compose and construct a display scene from a library of images with sufficient processing speed to permit real-time or near real time analysis of the images ...

Carl P Graf: Apparatus being controlled by movement of the eye. Honeywell, Charles J Ungemach, August 22, 1978: US04109145 (90 worldwide citation)

Line of sight detecting apparatus such as an oculometer produces signals indicative of the direction along which an operator is looking. A display with predetermined positions thereon is positioned for viewing by the operator. A computer receives the signals from the line of sight detecting apparatu ...

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