Stephan Bork, Oren Eliezer, Carl M Panasik: Wireless location and direction indicator for multiple devices. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Dwight N Holmbo, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, June 12, 2001: US06246376 (154 worldwide citation)

A system and method for wireless communication between two devices allows the transfer of location information through a cellular or “BLUETOOTH” link that can be used to provide a continuous indication of estimated distance and direction relative to the two devices in communication with one another.


Carl M Panasik: Low cost packaging for thin-film resonators and thin-film resonator-based filters. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Warren L Franz, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, July 11, 2000: US06087198 (85 worldwide citation)

An acoustic reflector (48) is applied over a thin-film piezoelectric resonator (41, 61) which is supported on a semiconductor or semiconductor-compatible substrate (42, 62) of a microelectronic device (40, 60), enabling an encapsulant (49) to be applied over the reflector-covered resonator without a ...

Carl M Panasik, Anthony B Wood: Low power wireless network. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Ronald O Neerings, Wade James Brady III, Frederick J Telecky Jr, April 26, 2005: US06885846 (65 worldwide citation)

A network of electronic devices such as computers (50) and/or calculators (36, 38) uses low power communication to transmit wireless signals through a distributed antenna system (40). The distributed antenna system may be formed in conjunction with ceiling or floor tiles 62 or modular office compone ...




Carl M Panasik, James F Salzman: Handheld portable automatic emergency alert system and method. Texas Instruments Incorporated, J Dennis Moore, W James Brady, Frederick J Telecky Jr, February 20, 2007: US07181192 (40 worldwide citation)

In one embodiment, an automated emergency alert system includes a handheld portable communication device operable to initiate communication over a wireless telecommunications network, a dynamic sensor operable to generate an acceleration profile for the device, and a memory operable to store one or ...

Matthew B Shoemake, Carl M Panasik, Jie Liang: Wireless communications system using both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Steven A Shaw, W James Brady, Frederick J Telecky Jr, July 15, 2008: US07400903 (33 worldwide citation)

A communications system including devices (10, 20) for transmitting and receiving wireless communications over licensed and unlicensed bands is disclosed. On the transmit side, a device (10) includes a plurality of message sources (8A, 8B, 8C) and a smart router (12) function executed by a processor ...

Dale E Zimmerman, James W Culver, Carl M Panasik: Miniature digitally controlled programmable transversal filter using LSI GaAs integrated circuits. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Rene E Grossman, Richard L Donaldson, February 7, 1995: US05387887 (32 worldwide citation)

A digitally controlled programmable transversal filter (DCPTF) employing a lithium niobate surface acoustic wave (SAW) delay line and two large scale integration (LSI) gallium arsenide integrated circuits to digitally control the magnitude and sign of the 32 tap weights from the delay line. The DCPT ...

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