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A system and method for wireless communication between two devices allows the transfer of location information through a cellular or “BLUETOOTH” link that can be used to provide a continuous indication of estimated distance and direction relative to the two devices in communication with one another.


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An acoustic reflector (48) is applied over a thin-film piezoelectric resonator (41, 61) which is supported on a semiconductor or semiconductor-compatible substrate (42, 62) of a microelectronic device (40, 60), enabling an encapsulant (49) to be applied over the reflector-covered resonator without a ...

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A network of electronic devices such as computers (50) and/or calculators (36, 38) uses low power communication to transmit wireless signals through a distributed antenna system (40). The distributed antenna system may be formed in conjunction with ceiling or floor tiles 62 or modular office compone ...




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In one embodiment, an automated emergency alert system includes a handheld portable communication device operable to initiate communication over a wireless telecommunications network, a dynamic sensor operable to generate an acceleration profile for the device, and a memory operable to store one or ...

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A communications system including devices (10, 20) for transmitting and receiving wireless communications over licensed and unlicensed bands is disclosed. On the transmit side, a device (10) includes a plurality of message sources (8A, 8B, 8C) and a smart router (12) function executed by a processor ...