Morton E Gray, Carl E Green: Dump truck or trailer with pneumatic conveyor. Morton E Gray, James E Bradley, January 27, 1981: US04247228 (73 worldwide citation)

A dump truck or trailer for hauling and dumping dry bulk solids conventionally by gravity and also having the capability of conveying the solids upward to a storage facility. The unit includes a container mounted to a frame on wheels. A hydraulic ram tilts the container for dumping through a rear ou ...

Carl E Green: Fan mountable air freshener device. July 2, 2002: US06413047 (3 worldwide citation)

A fan mountable air freshener device for freshening the air in the surrounding enviroment. The fan mountable air freshener device includes an air freshener device that can be mounted to a blade of a ceiling fan, the air freshener includes a housing, which includes an upper wall and a lower wall. The ...