Cappa Giulio: Pneumatic tire for vehicle wheels. Industrie Pirelli, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, March 26, 1974: US3799233 (9 worldwide citation)

A pneumatic tire for vehicle wheels composed of a carcass, a breaker structure formed from two superimposed layers of cord fabric made from textiles, metals or glass, and at least one annular element on each shoulder constituted of a rubber compound in which is embedded particles of a material havin ...

Cappa Giulio, Moscatelli Romano: Device for replacing the filter of a gas mask in polluted atmosphere without any contamination risk.. Pirelli, Mini Difesa, April 12, 1989: EP0310970-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

Device for preventing the inflow of air into a gas mask during the substitution of its filter (1) in the presence of contaminated atmosphere. The device comprises a small plate (12) having a central stem (13) which passes through the support (9) of a check valve admitting air to the respiratory trac ...

Cappa Giulio, Moscatelli Romano, La Torre Paolo: Gas mask for operation in contaminated areas.. Pirelli, Mini Difesa, August 30, 1989: EP0329941-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

In a gas mask (1) the facepiece (2) comprises a front portion of semi-rigid rubber highly resistant to chemical agents and a sealing skirting of soft rubber having a high mechanical resistance, co-vulcanized with said front portion. A nozzle (11), connected to a half mask (22) situated inside the fa ...


Cappa Giulio, Moscatelli Romano: Demand-valve for compressed-air breathing apparatus.. Sekur, November 28, 1984: EP0126412-A2 (3 worldwide citation)

What shall be described is a demand-valve (1) for delivering air into a compressed-air breathing apparatus that comprises a substantially cylindrical chamber (3), a first entry-gate (14) for admitting air into the chamber, that presents a passage-opening - controlled by intercepting-means which comp ...

Cappa Giulio: Gas mask. Sekur, February 1, 1985: FR2549730-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

This breathing mask comprises, for securing the loops 10 of the straps 9 to the surface 2, a button 14 in the form of a disc and on which stands a peg 15 ending in a broadened head 16, this peg passing through a protuberance 20 which is formed on the outside of the surface and which is made of the s ...



Cappa Giulio, Moscatelli Romano: Demand valve for a breathing apparatus.. Sekur, November 28, 1984: EP0126321-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

There is described herein a commutator feeding-device for an air distributor, comprising a transducer apt for controlling the movement of a shutter-element for feeding prefixed quantities of air into a chamber (3) of said distributor, successive to a pressure variation taking place inside said chamb ...