Cai Wei, Rolchigo Philip Mathew, Wei Change, Xiong Rihua, Cao Lei, Du Yu: Desalination method and device comprising supercapacitor electrodes. General Electric Company, Cai Wei, Rolchigo Philip Mathew, Wei Change, Xiong Rihua, Cao Lei, Du Yu, TOOP Barbara A, August 7, 2008: WO/2008/094367 (4 worldwide citation)

A method and an apparatus for the desalination of fluids are defined. The invention comprises discharging the solute-bearing electrode in order to obtain a discharge stream higher concentration of solute than a feed stream. Discharging may comprise supersaturating the stream, precipitating or crysta ...

Cai Wei, Wei Chang, Cao Lei, Xiong Rihua, Lu Su, Du Yu, Deng Zhigang: Supercapacitor desalination device and method of making. General Electric Company, Cai Wei, Wei Chang, Cao Lei, Xiong Rihua, Lu Su, Du Yu, Deng Zhigang, TOOP Barbara A, November 20, 2008: WO/2008/140556 (2 worldwide citation)

An electrode assembly is provided. The assembly includes a chargeable electrode configured to adsorb oppositely charged ions, where the electrode comprises a porous material. The assembly further includes an ion exchange material in contact with the porous material of the chargeable electrode, where ...

Wang Shengxian, Wei Chang, Cao Lei, Xiong Rihua, Cai Wei, Du Yu: Supercapacitor desalination device. General Electric, Company, Wang Shengxian, Wei Chang, Cao Lei, Xiong Rihua, Cai Wei, Du Yu, TOOP Barbara A, June 21, 2007: WO/2007/070594 (1 worldwide citation)

A supercapacitor desalination cell (16) is provided. The cell (16) includes electrodes (24, 26) formed of conducting materials that are configured to absorb ions in a charging state of the cell and desorb the ions in a discharging state of the cell. The conducting materials comprise conducting compo ...

CAO LEI: A convertor for x-ray radiography and its manufacturing method and an x-ray detector. SIEMENS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, March 31, 2011: WO/2011/036084 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a convertor for X-ray radiography and its manufacturing method and an X-ray detector, wherein the surface of the scintillator facing the X-ray is covered with photonic crystals of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional spatial structure capable of reflecting the visibl ...

During Matthew J, Cao Lei: Treatment of metabolic-related disorders using hypothalamic gene transfer of bdnf and compositions therfor. The Ohio State University, During Matthew J, Cao Lei, MARTINEAU Catherine B, October 1, 2009: WO/2009/120978 (1 worldwide citation)

Described herein is a system which uses a gene therapy particle that includes at least one gene, cDNA, fragment or analogue of at least one neurotropin that binds to the trkB receptor or the trkB receptor itself. The gene therapy particle is capable of being delivered to a subject in need thereof fo ...

Xiao Feng Guan, Jian Jiang, Cao Lei: Method and apparatus for providing change-related information. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Cuenot Forsythe & Kim, October 13, 2015: US09158514

Providing change information includes obtaining information of a change track that changes software source code, wherein the change track includes a change item, identifying at least one preliminary candidate change item from the change item, wherein the preliminary candidate change item is a change ...

Cai Wei, Cao Lei, Xiong Ribhua, Lu Su, Wei Chang, Du Yu: Method for producing an electrode and device. Gen Electric, May 6, 2009: EP2056310-A1

The method includes: coating a slurry based on a carbon material, a water-insoluble binder, and a water-soluble polymer on a surface of a current collector to form a template structure; then drying the template structure; and finally, contacting the template structure with an aqueous solution, and t ...



Wu Jun, Cao Lei, Chen Ying: Wireless ic card reader for engine monitoring apparatus. Zhuzhou Csr Times Electric, zhao hong, December 20, 2006: CN200610031614

The invention relates to a wireless IC card reader used in vehicle detector, which uses wireless IC card system, wherein the card reader is mounted on the vehicle, via RS485 to communicate with the detecting device, to complete the transmission of driver set parameters from the radio IC card to the ...

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