Yingya ZHOU
Cai Qi, Zhou Yingya: Novel radio power device. Qibao Middle School Of Shanghai, song hu, February 18, 2009: CN200710044938

The invention discloses a novel radio source apparatus, which includes a frequency conversion part, an emanation part and an accept part, wherein the frequency conversion part being a self-exciting frequency transformer connecting with the emanation part, and transforming input AC into high-frequenc ...



Cai Qi: Long distance anti-fake, firm and government statistical system. Cai Qi, June 9, 2004: CN02150061

Long distance anti-false and firm, government statistic system is an applied soft ware system to utilize 'network anti-false label' to prevent false and to calculate quantities of commodity production and sell. In a few seconds of settling accounts, this system can know true or false. Firms can get ...

Cheng Zhiqing, Cai Qi: Semiconductor optoelectronic component and its cutting method. Huga Optotech, daichang meng, July 16, 2008: CN200710000100

A method for cutting a semi-conductor photoelectric assembly comprises the following steps of: preparation of a semi-conductor photoelectric assembly chip, wherein, the semi-conductor photoelectric assembly chip comprises a substrate and an epitaxial silicon layer formed on the surface of the substr ...




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