Yingya ZHOU
Shi Yixiang, Cai Ningsheng, Li Wenying, Zhou Yingya: Solar thermal generating system based on boundary layer turbine. Tsinghua University, zhang wenbao, September 21, 2011: CN201110140100

The invention relates to the technical field of solar thermal generating systems and discloses a solar thermal generating system based on a boundary layer turbine as well as provides a practical application of the boundary level turbine. The system can use Rankine cycle and organic Rankine cycle to ...

Cai Ningsheng, Li Chen, Shi Yixiang: Buried tube type bubbling bed direct carbon fuel cell. Tsinghua Univ, June 27, 2007: CN200610165579

This invention relates to a buried bubble bed direct carbon fuel cell including a bubble bed, tube solid oxide fuel cell monomers, an air distribution board and solid carbon fuel and wind feed device, in which, the monomers are arranged crossly, in sequence or in stagger to be plugged in the buble b ...


Cai Ningsheng, Zhang Yanwen, Li Zhenshan, Xu Bo: Method for accelerating selective non-catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides. Tsinghua University, August 20, 2008: CN200810102373

The invention relates to a promoting method for selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) of nitrogen-oxide, which is a technological method of adding addition agent to promote the denitrification process in the SNCR denitrification process for the power plant boiler and industrial furnace and other ...

Li Zhenshan, Cai Ningsheng, Zhang Teng: System and method for preparing o2-co2 mixed gas from air. Tsinghua University, January 9, 2008: CN200710100321

This invention relates to the system and method for producing mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Said system is composed of a fixed bed oxygen absorption unit and a fixed be oxygen desorption unit, with four-way valve connecting said unit at the upper part; and a four-way valve at the lower part, ...

Cai Ningsheng, Li Zhenshan, Huang Yuyu: High active calcium-base co2 absorbent and its preparing method. Tsinghua Univ, October 5, 2005: CN200510011232

The present invention relates to a high-activity calcium base CO2 obsorbent and its preparation method. The described method uses alcohols, distilled water, aluminium salt and calcium oxide as raw material, and includes the following steps: calcining for 1-4 hr. at 800-1000 deg.C, adding alcohols an ...

Yin Jianwei, Cai Ningsheng, Qi Yuanhong: Integral blast furnace combined circulation method. Central Iron And Steel Research Inst, jin xiangrong, August 6, 2003: CN03104882

The present invention mainly relates to blast furnace ironmaking, power generation and oxygen generation. It is characterized by that in the blast furnace ironmaking system the oxygen-making system and combined circulation power generation system are integrated. The gas produced by smelting iron wit ...

Cai Ningsheng, Li Chen, Shi Yixiang: Direct carbon fuel cell reaction device. Tsinghua University, ma youbeng, January 14, 2009: CN200810119204

The invention provides a direct carbon fuel battery reaction device, belonging to the field of direct carbon fuel battery technique. An upper base (1) of the reaction device is coaxially arranged into a water cooling sleeve (2); the connection of the upper base and the water cooling sleeve is welded ...

Cai Ningsheng, Li Chen, Shi Yixiang: Button solid-oxide fuel battery reaction device. Tsinghua University, ma youbeng, January 14, 2009: CN200810119206

The invention provides a button-typed solid oxide fuel battery reaction device, belonging to the field of solid oxide fuel battery technique. The reaction device comprises a base (1), an O-shaped rubber ring I (18), etc.; a water cooling sleeve (2) is connected with a cooled water conduit (35); an i ...

Shi Yixiang, Cai Ningsheng, Wang Hongjian: Fluid bed electrode direct carbon fuel cell device. Tsinghua University, shi shuangyuan, January 18, 2012: CN201110217478

The invention discloses a fluid bed electrode direct carbon fuel cell device, which belongs to the technical field of clean energy. The device comprises a fluid bed, two or more tubular single cells, collector plates, a composite carbon fuel, a gas circulating device, a screw feeder and a fuel tank. ...

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