C Gregory Chen, Ping S Lee, Peter J Theisen, Slobodan Krstic: Hybrid D.C. power controller. Eaton Corporation, C H Grace, W A Autio, December 13, 1983: US04420784 (57 worldwide citation)

A hybrid D.C. power controller of the relay/circuit breaker type that uses a hybrid arrangement of hard contacts (4) and power FET's (18, 20) in cooperative functional combination as the arc quenching means for 270 volt D.C. power systems in low atmospheric pressure environments such as at 80,000 fe ...

C Gregory Chen, Daniel A Wycklendt: Bridging contactor with main and arcing contacts. Eaton Corporation, Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, December 20, 1983: US04421959 (23 worldwide citation)

A bridging contact structure, suitable for use in AC contactors and the like, is provided with double-break stationary main contacts, and with double-break stationary arcing contacts in parallel with the main contacts. Silver usage in the main contacts is substantially reduced.

Peter J Theisen, C Gregory Chen: D. C. power controller with fuse protection. Eaton Corporation, C H Grace, Wm A Autio, August 20, 1985: US04536814 (9 worldwide citation)

A D.C. power controller for interrupting a high voltage high current D.C. power line supplying a load (L) from a D.C. power supply source (+270VDC) having power contacts (CCC, AC), actuator means (MA, SA) for operating the power contacts (CCC, AC), arc extinguishing means (AH1, AH2, AS1, AS2), arc s ...