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A multichannel laser remote control system for use in areas where radio frequency, acoustic and hardwire control systems are unsatisfactory or prohibited and where line-of-sight is unobstructed. A modulated continuous wave He-Ne laser is used as the transmitter and a unique 360.degree. light collect ...

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This invention integrates a spectrometer capability with the basic imagery function of facsimile cameras without significantly increasing mechanical or optical complexity, or interfering with the imaging function. The invention consists of a group of photodetectors arranged in a linear array in the ...

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A movable stage contains two photodetectors for focusing, as well as an imaging sensor. The imaging sensor produces the video data in the fashion standard to facsimile cameras. The two photodetectors are placed with one closer to the lens of the facsimile camera than the imaging sensor and with the ...

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An ultraviolet grade fused silica substrate is coated with vaporized fused silica. The coating thickness is controlled, one thickness causing ultraviolet light to diffuse and another thickness causing ultraviolet light to reflect a near Lambertian pattern.