Farin Guenter, Fischer Klaus, Buess Gerhard Prof Dr Med: H.f.-surgical instrument for cutting and coagulating.. Erbe Elektromedizin, March 10, 1993: EP0530400-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

The invention describes a high frequency surgical instrument for cutting and/or coagulating biological tissues, comprising a metallic sleeve 12 in which a metallic needle 11 serving as the cutting electrode is arranged so that it can be pushed out in the axial direction and is electrically insulated ...

Buess Gerhard Prof Dr Med, Melzer Andreas, Loeffler Monika, Wiegand Michael: Medical instrument for tissular canalization.. Winter & Ibe Olympus, March 9, 1994: EP0585826-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A medical instrument for creating a tissue channel intended to accommodate a socket, comprising a shaft pipe (11) in the distal terminal region of which there is arranged a knife blade (12) designed so as to produce a cut surface, as well as a device for shaping the cut surface to produce the tissue ...

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