Rau Blase C, Buday John M, Feddersen Donald W, Markowski Everett L: Container. Air Cargo Equipment Corporation, August 10, 1971: US3598273 (30 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a container adapted to be carried in an airplane and used to transport either cargo or baggage, the container comprising a plurality of panels, a plurality of frame members removably interconnecting the panels, each of the panels including a pair of spaced-apart sheet metal walls ...


Buday John M, Mcclain James Carl, Svytatsky Edward, Conard Walter: Mail transport system with facing control. Bell & Howell Postal Systems I, May 19, 1999: EP0916605-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

A document transporting system for conveying documents along a transport path in a first direction from a document infeed station to a document processing station, certain of such documents being advanced along the transport path from the infeed station with an improper facing orientation. A plurali ...

Buday John M: Vehicule ludique de type caravane, Motor home assembly. Buday John M, ADE & COMPANY, August 27, 1991: CA1288118

-16- "MOTOR HOME ASSEMBLY" ABSTRACT OF THE INVENTION Recreational vehicles such a motor homes areeither self-contained or consist of a cab-type drive unitwith a fifth wheel connection for the motor home compo-nent. The present device comprises a motor home unit anda self-contained van unit with the ...

Buday John M, Holmes Lawrence B, Milenkovic Veljko, Stevens Bernard: Systeme et methode dempilage de feuillets dans des contenants, System and method for stacking leaflets into containers. Gard, May 15, 1979: CA1054551

ABSTRACT A system for stacking into containers flat articles such as leaflets received in a shingled stream, the flat articles being disposed essentially normal to the bottoms of the contain-ers into which they are stacked; mechanism is provided for rapid-ly diverting the shingled stream of flat art ...

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