Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred Charles, Buckner Allen O, Nay Kevin: Media shadow files and system. Hewlett Packard Development Co, li ling, September 21, 2011: CN200880131828

One embodiment of a system for rendering media files comprises a computer configured to determine media file formats that are used by media rendering devices connected to a network and to determine media files available on the network. The computer generates media shadow files of media file formats ...



Goldman Jason D, Hernandez Anthony Joseph, Buckner Allen O, Mccollom William Girard: Aggregating media content from multiple clients to a server. Hewlett Packard Development Co, liu jia, August 31, 2011: CN200880131434

A data processing system aggregates media content from multiple clients to a server. The data processing system comprises a media manager that aggregates media content from a client of a plurality of clients onto a server. The media manager comprises a monitoring utility and a server media update ut ...