Bruce W Harrell: Detachable shoe-pocket system. John F McClellan Sr, April 2, 1985: US04507882 (62 worldwide citation)

A quick-attach, quick-detach shoe accessory in the form of a container for carrying keys, rings, paper money, coins and like items on the instep of a tennis shoe or other lace type shoe, has a sheath-like body with open top end with a covering flap and closed bottom and pleated sides securable to a ...

Bruce W Harrell: Multi-purpose detachable pocket system. John F McClellan Sr, August 27, 1985: US04536975 (55 worldwide citation)

An improved detachable pocket assembly for carrying I.D. cards, photos, coins, keys, tickets and the like on apparel such as shoes includes a pocket formed between front and back faces of sheet material, one of which faces preferably has a transparent plastic window sealed over an opening in it. The ...