Roy L Adler, Bruce P Kitchens, Charles P Tresser, Chai W Wu: Compressed image authentication and verification. International Business Machines Corporation, Stephen C Kaufman, McGuireWoods, August 14, 2001: US06275599 (166 worldwide citation)

A watermarking method involves mostly invisible artifacts and is sensitive to any modification of the picture at the level of precision rendered by the compressed version of the image. The image is compressed according to a known compression standard, such as the JPEG standard, and with a fixed qual ...

Timothy Joseph Chainer, Bruce P Kitchens, Stephane Herman Maes, Marco Martens, Joseph Dela Rutledge, Charles Philippe Tresser: Method and apparatus for secure authorization and identification using biometrics without privacy invasion. International Business Machines Corporation, Stephen C Kaufman Esq, McGinn & Gibb PLLC, October 18, 2005: US06957337 (92 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for authenticating (or identifying) a subject, includes using one or a plurality of biometric measurements for authentication (or identification) without any sharing of the subject's biometric data with a party requesting authentication.

Don Coppersmith, Bruce P Kitchens: Run-length limited code without DC level. IBM Corporation, Perman & Green, June 23, 1987: US04675650 (28 worldwide citation)

Code modification circuitry alters the end portion of each block in a sequence of code blocks, and also inserts additional bits at the junction between contiguous blocks. The codes to be processed are run-length limited (RLL) codes having a DC component which is to be removed for certain application ...

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