Beaton Brian Finlay, Smith Colin Donald, Stalkie Bruce Dale: Navigation tool for graphical user interface. Northern Telecom, June 10, 1999: WO/1999/028813

The system and method consistent with the present invention provides improved graphical navigation tool for electronic devices. The graphical navigation tools may be used to navigate through documents at any direction at varying speeds. The navigation tool is preferably transparent to prevent obscur ...

Cudak Mark Conrad, Mueller Bruce Dale, Kelton James Robert, Classon Brian Keith: Network protocol method for providing a centrally coordinated peer-to-peer wireless communications network. Motorola, STOCKLEY Darleen J, April 29, 1999: WO/1999/021095

A network protocol method (100), access point device (102) and peripheral devices (104, 106) provide an efficient peer-to-peer coordinated wireless communications network wherein the access point device (102): (1) broadcasts a block assignment that specifies a wireless source peripheral device (104) ...

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A product comprising at least one densified biomass particulate of a given mass having no added binder and comprised of a plurality of lignin-coated plant biomass fibers is provided, wherein the at least one densified biomass particulate has an intrinsic density substantially equivalent to a binder- ...

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A method of forming a reticle includes providing a reticle blank having a quartz layer, an attenuated phase shift layer, and a metal layer; covering the reticle blank with resist; patterning the resist into multiple levels; and etching the reticle blank according to the multi-level resist: pattern.

Ulrich Bruce Dale: Multiple exposure masking system for forming multi-level resist profiles. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, Sharp Microelectronics Technology, June 11, 2000: TW393593

A method is provided for forming multi-level profiles from a photoresist mask. The method includes exposing selected areas of a photoresist layer to two or more different patterns of light at different light dosage levels. For example, one pattern will be exposed to a relatively low dose of light, o ...

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A method is providing for making a multi-level reticle which transmits a plurality of incident Light light intensities, which in turn, are used to form a plurality of thicknesses in a photoresist profile. A partially transmitting film, used as one of the layers of the reticle, is able to provide an ...

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The present invention provides a method for producing a semiconductor device using a self-aligned shallow trench isolation process isolating elements formed so as to be self-aligned to a gate structure, the method comprising the steps of: providing a first polysilicon layer overlying a gate insulato ...

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A method of making a ferroelectric memory transistor includes preparing a silicon substrate including forming plural active areas thereon; depositing a layer of gate insulator on the silicon substrate, and depositing a layer of polysilicon over the gate insulator layer; forming a source region, a dr ...

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A method of fabricating a memory device includes preparing a silicon substrate; depositing a layer of high-k insulator on the silicon substrate; depositing a buffering layer on the high-k insulating layer; depositing a layer of ferroelectric material on the buffering layer by metal organic chemical ...

Ulrich Bruce Dale, Nguyen Tue, Kobayashi Masato: Low temperature removal of copper, copper removing system and semiconductor wafer. Sharp, Sharp Micro Electron Technol, July 9, 1999: JP1999-186218

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To wash the surface of a copper IC substrate while formation of copper oxide product difficult to remove is kept minimum, by forming a protective coating layer on a selected region of the upper surface of a wafer, applying a copper etching solution, and removing copper from the ...