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A substantially rigid inner container is positioned on a upper surface of a floor of an outer container. The inner container is sized to receive at least partial support from the outer container and to have a volume such that when filled to a maximum capacity the total weight of the inner container, ...

Bruce A Harbolt, Rodney T Sands: Multi-phase fluid flow divider. Union Oil Company of California, Robert J Baran, Gregory F Wirzbicki, Dean Sanford, July 16, 1985: US04528919 (21 worldwide citation)

The instant invention relates to an apparatus and method for dividing a flowing multi-phase fluid to provide at least two separate fluid streams wherein each fluid stream has substantially the same ratio of phases. This apparatus and method are especially useful for dividing a fluid having a gaseous ...

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There is disclosed a method and apparatus for the production of ammonium polyphosphate solutions of high concentrations from phosphoric acid and ammonia. The process is ideally suited for the production of such solutions from wet-process phosphoric acid which has a P.sub.2 O.sub.5 content of from 56 ...

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Apparatus for producing relatively large and dense, relatively dry sulfur particles from molten sulfur comprises a manifold having a number of small, spaced apart, molten sulfur discharge apertures which are sized, according to the rate and pressure head at which the molten sulfur is received, for e ...

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The invention is a process and apparatus useful for preparing an aqueous ammonia solution at a temperature below the boiling point thereof by single stage dilution of anhydrous ammonia with water. In the invention, an anhydrous ammonia fluid comprising ammonia vapor is mixed with water to provide an ...

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Phosphoric acids having H.sub.2 0/P.sub.2 O.sub.5 mole ratios of about 4.5 or less are converted to aqueous solutions of ammonium polyphosphates of which at least about 40 percent of the P.sub.2 O.sub.5 is present as acyclic polyphosphates. The reaction is conducted at 500.degree. to about 750.degre ...

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Apparatus is provided for transferring a liquid, particularly liquids, such as molten sulfur which are difficult to handle, from a liquid supply, such as a molten sulfur tank truck, to another location, such as a pug mill in which a sulfur/asphalt pavement material is blended. The apparatus comprise ...

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Urea and sulfuric acid are reacted in an air-water spray in cocurrent heat exchange therewith to produce concentrated urea-sulfuric acid solutions.