Brochand Max, Rastello Jean Pierre: Stabilization device for the grips of a ropeway.. Pomagalski, March 1, 1995: EP0640518-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

A ropeway, especially a chair lift with disengageable grips 15, is equipped with a device for stabilising the grips at the approach of a stationary support 12 particularly at the entrance of a station. This device comprises stabilising rails 25, 26 arranged in front of the stationary support in orde ...

Brochand Max, Rastello Jean Pierre: Safety device for a transporting plant with aerial cable.. Pomagalski, December 9, 1992: EP0517622-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

A disengageable chairlift or cable car possesses, at the exit from the station, an engagement section (11) equipped with a template (25) for controlling the insertion of the cable (10) between the jaws of the gripper (16). The template (25), in the form of a sleeve with an inner contour equivalent, ...

Brochand Max: Chair lift or cableway with coupling clips.. Pomagalski, August 4, 1982: EP0056919-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

L'invention est relative à une pince (14) pour un télésiège ou une télécabine débrayable. La pince est en forme de tenaille sollicitée en position de fermeture par un ressort (48, 50), qui s'étend verticalement à côté de la suspente (12) de support de la charge.

Brochand Max: Aerial ropeway at which the cars are linked to the cables by means of at least two suspensions.. Pomagalski, July 1, 1987: EP0227540-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

1. Aerial cable-type transport installation having one or more spaced carriers (1), each of these carriers being associated rigidly but in disengageable manner with two endless carrying-hauling ropes (2, 3) below which they are suspended by association means (4) having gripping pincers (6) which nor ...

Brochand Max, Tamisier Franckie: Boarding station for tele-carrier e.g. gondola car, transportation, has transfer route subdivided into arrival section and departure section with formation of two bends that are situated at same level. Pomagalski, October 29, 2004: FR2854116-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The station has a transfer route (11) subdivided into an arrival section connected to a departure section by an intermediate section with formation of two bends (V1, V2). The bend (V2) is situated at a side of the arrival section and the bend (V2) is situated at a side of the departure section. The ...

Brochand Max: Staggered suspension aerial cable way transport installation.. Pomagalski, October 28, 1987: EP0243223-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an overhead-cable transport installation comprising one or more separate vehicles (1), each of these vehicles (1) being associated rigidly and disengagably via a suspender (2) to two endless carrying and pulling cables (3a, 3b) by association means comprising clamps (4) whic ...

Brochand Max: Terminus with tensioning device for a ropeway.. Pomagalski, October 30, 1991: EP0454596-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A tensioning station for a disengageable cable car or chair lift comprises a sliding carriage (21) which carries both the return pulley (11) and the transfer rail (18) with the associated means of propulsion (20).

Brochand Max: Cable connecting chariot for a cable car or seat.. Pomagalski, April 29, 1987: EP0220081-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Un chariot d'accouplement de cabines à un câble porteur - tracteur (10) d'une télécabine comporte deux pinces ayant des saillies (34) sur le dessus du câble (10). Entre les saillies (34) s'étend une pièce de liaison (36) à face de roulement (38) concave facilitant le passage des pinces sous les gale ...

Brochand Max: Aerial cableway with two supporting and traction cables using vertically disposed pulleys.. Pomagalski, September 14, 1988: EP0282418-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

1. An aerial transport installation comprising two continuously-running parallel carrying-hauling ropes (1, 2) respectively forming two endless loops passing over terminal drive sheaves, guidance sheaves, return sheaves or tensioning sheaves located at loading/unloading stations, at least one and ge ...

Brochand Max: Guide pulley array for a transporting plant with aerial cable. Pomagalski, August 20, 1997: EP0790167-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Balance arm, esp for cableway cabin made from series of members linked by bearings, one with free articulated joint surrounded by elastic sleeve.

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