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Two electronic devices automatically perform a synchronization session when one of the electronic devices is brought in proximity to the other electronic device. The synchronization session is initiated without user intervention based simply on the fact that the two devices have recently been brough ...

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A method and apparatus for tracking transactions made over the Internet. A sidecar application detects entry of a credit card number. The application auto-populates a web page associated with the transaction and updates a database that tracks the transaction. Third parties can be given access to the ...

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A method of obtaining, from a remote location, topic-specific information regarding a product includes: electronically receiving one of a plurality of machine-readable codes electronically navigating to an information resource at a remote location; and displaying the information resource's topic-spe ...

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Cellular signals or other wireless signals/messages are introduced into a building or to an outside location by transmitting packets corresponding to those signals over a data network and low cost cables to designated locations within the data network. Once the designated packets containing the sign ...

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A system, method, and user device for restricting access to the content of media over a network. Biometric information is collected and compared against pre-stored biometric information of a user to authenticate the identity of the user. The user then requests access to the content of a medium. Acce ...

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A structurally supported tire includes a ground contacting annular tread portion; a shear band, and a connected spoke disk connected to the shear band. The connected spoke disk has two or more circumferential spokes joined together by a connecting web, wherein the spring rate of the connected spoke ...