Peter James Brian Lamb: Woodcock Washburn, May 24, 2007: US20070118067-A1

A device for introducing an object into a vagina includes finger mounting means whereby the device is mountable on a user's finger, and a holder which protrudes from the finger mounting means and which is insertable into a user's vagina, the holder being configured to hold an object whilst being ins ...

Christopher A Tacklind, Aragon Burlingham, Daniel T Adams, Mark Diel, Zinovy Dolgonosov, Brian Lamb, Jean Pierre Krauer, Helen D Shaughnessy, Ed West, Leung Wing Fai, Derek Tong Kai Chun, Yung Wai Lam, Fong Ming, Kwan Yat Shan, Chan Wing Keung, Lam Wing Cheung: Alignment device. William J Harmon III, Vierra Magen Marcus Harmon DeNiro, June 12, 2003: US20030106226-A1

An alignment device provides one or more references, such as laser lines and planes in horizontal and vertical orientations. One version of the alignment device includes an optics mounting assembly situated in a pivot socket on a frame to provide an output beam. A spring system and one or more align ...

Brian Lamb, Michael Carmody, Guixing Wu: Method of decoding entropy-encoded data. Heenan Blaikie, October 16, 2008: US20080253668-A1

A method of decoding data that is encoded with a set of prefix codes begins by receiving the data at a computing device, and then compiling native machine code from the prefix code set for execution by a processing unit of the computing device. The machine code implements a binary tree of prefix cod ...

En Hui YANG, Ajit SINGH, Brian LAMB, Longji WANG: System and method for progressive delivery of multimedia objects. Slipstream Data, Bereskin And Parr, December 20, 2007: US20070294333-A1

The present disclosure relates to methods and systems for progressively delivering multimedia content over a network. According to one aspect, a system for delivering multimedia content through a network includes a server side sub-system and a client side sub-system. The server side sub-system is co ...

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Disclosed is a an electronic system for equities securities lending and financing. In particular, the disclosed system provides a hub for electronic financial transactions such as securities borrowing and lending and facilitates the ability of borrowers and lenders to locate suitable counterparties ...

Ryan Connolly, Edward Cooper, Brian Lamb, Scott Borland: Hand-held, low-flow therapeutic gas dispensers. Capnia Incorporated, Townsend And Townsend And Crew, July 17, 2008: US20080169047-A1

A hand-held, low-flow dispenser comprises an enclosure holding a gas cartridge. A spring-biased needle is advanced to puncture a septum on the gas cartridge, and a separate spring-biased ball valve is used to turn the resulting gas flow off and on as well as to control the flow rate.

Kathy DeKeyser, William Burnett, John Larkin, John Johnston, Jennifer A Schlee, Brian Lamb, Kathy Hannon Davies: Pressure washer. The Black & Decker Corporation, July 6, 2006: US20060144961-A1

A pressure washer is provided including the capability of interchangeably connecting a plurality of cartridges containing various additives for the application of the additives within a high pressure water stream. The pressure washer includes a gun which includes a cartridge receiver capable of conn ...

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A method and system for reducing the number of mathematical operations required in the JPEG decoding process without substantially impacting the quality of the image displayed is disclosed. Embodiments provide an efficient JPEG decoding process for the purposes of displaying an image on a display sm ...

Brian Lamb, Vladimir Tetelbaum: Automatic motion tracking, event detection and video image capture and tagging. September 22, 2011: US20110228098-A1

A method is provided to track an object, the method comprising: directing a video imager to perform image recognition to recognize a feature of the object within an imager field of view and to determine a position of the feature within the field of view; using an IR sensor to determine a position of ...

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Various safety systems for power tools, and in particular table saws, are disclosed herein. The disclosed safety systems include detection systems for detecting a dangerous condition relative to a blade of the power tool, reaction systems for taking mitigation action in response to detection of a da ...