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Methods and apparatus for using a quill to steer a hydraulic motor when elongating a wellbore in a direction having a horizontal component, wherein the quill and the hydraulic motor are coupled to opposing ends of a drill string, by monitoring an actual toolface orientation of a tool driven by the h ...

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Methods and apparatus for MSE-based drilling operation and/or optimization, comprising detecting MSE parameters, utilizing the MSE parameters to determine MSE, and automatically adjusting drilling operational parameters as a function of the determined MSE.


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This invention relates to a process for the alkylation of aromatics by reacting an aromatic hydrocarbon with an olefin in the presence of an ionic liquid comprising (a) a compound of the formula R.sub.n MX.sub.3-n wherein R is a C1-C6 alkyl radical, M is aluminium or gallium, X is a halogen atom and ...

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The present disclosure relates to a titanium-containing article casting mold composition comprising calcium aluminate and an X-ray or Neutron-ray detectable element. Furthermore, present embodiments teach a method for detecting sub-surface ceramic inclusions in a titanium or titanium alloy casting b ...

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A reciprocating cutting tool configured for orbital cutting, includes a housing, a power source disposed in the housing, a main linkage connected to the power source and to a blade for driving the blade in a vertically reciprocating motion, a foot plate connected to the housing and including a porti ...

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