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A unit price setting arrangement for differently priced products available from a remotely located dispenser for example, grades of fuel, from a pump, consists of a central transmitter and a receiver in each dispenser. The transmitter forms a series of fixed length binary words, one for each product ...

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Apparatus for determining the position of a point movable throughout a measuring volume relative to a set of reference axes includes a probe member (10) having a probe tip (11) defining the position of the movable point. The measuring probe (10) also has first and second reference points (12, 13) sp ...

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Capacitance measuring apparatus comprises a variable capacitor VC and a reference capacitor FC. Circuits D, ID, are provided for generating a periodic waveform for application directly to the variable capacitor, and in inverted form to the reference capacitor. Switches means SM are operated by contr ...

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Liquid dispensing apparatus for dispensing a blend of first and second liquids has flowmeters operable to measure the quantity of each liquid delivered. The flowmeter outputs are multiplied by a factor equal to the proportion of one liquid in the blend and used to control a stepping motor which oper ...

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Apparatus for dispensing a preset monetary amount of product, such as fuel, sold by volume and for use with a dispenser which calculates and displays a continuously increasing cost of the delivery has a number of selector buttons which relate to units of cost and which when selected set an appropria ...

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Apparatus for monitoring the acceleration of an aircraft moving along the ground includes a linear accelerometer (FA) and a rate gyroscope (RG). The accelerometer FA is fixed to the frame of the aircraft with its sensitive axis substantially horizontal, and circuit means A3, A4, are provided to null ...